Kapa Extreme 2017, Episode 1

I spent a few crazy days with employees from Kaland & Partners in the mountains of Gran Canaria. This is episode 1 of 4, detailing the bewildering start of their adventures 

Produced, shot, directed, edited, and graded by me.

Second unit cinematography and general assistance on location by Ariel Ladegård

KAPA Extreme 2017, Episode 2

The realtors gets quite the wake up call, when they are greeted by Lorcan Byrne, a former British Special Forces soldier who have sinister plans for their 'walk' in the mountains. Not everything goes exactly as planned though...

Kapa Extreme 2017, Episode 3

Somebody is missing! Who? What? Where? Drama, razors, make-up... and a backpack mystery. This episode has it all!

Kapa Extreme 2017, episode 4

After completing the grueling hike on day 2, episode 4 details the last challenge, which entails high speeds and significant amounts of lactic acid. Also, 'L' and the gang reflects on the last days' challenges.